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Maple syrup simply good !

North Side Maple Grove


North Side Maple Grove started in 2007 with the acquisition of a family sugar bush in Drummond, NB. In the following years, 500 taps were added to the property and a second sugar bush of 1800 taps was rented, which led to the construction of a new sugar shack and the purchase of a new wood boiler. In 2015, following an allocation of a crown land, still in the Drummond region, the company incorporates. With the addition of more than 10,000 taps, a new wood evaporator is needed. In 2020, a forestry development allows the addition of a little more than 1000 taps on the main property. Thereafter, the acquisition of land with a potential of over 5000 taps increases the volume to over 15,000.

The use of a wood evaporator remains a priority in order to keep an exquisite flavor and preserve the traditional character of maple syrup production. A part of the production is sold on the commercial market dedicated to export. The rest is sold locally mainly as syrup but also as butter, taffy and sugar.

Everyone is welcome to come and snowshoe with their family in the sugar bush during the winter months. There is a place inside and outside to build a fire and warm up. During the sugaring season, people are invited to visit while we boil the sap harvested.